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Cave explorer and cartographer
Originally from France

My passion for the underground environment began in 1992 when I did my first cave diving in France. This passion has never left me, and opened the doors of technical diving and underground exploration.


I live in Mexico in the state of Quintana Roo since 2010, I dedicate myself to the teaching cave diving and to the exploration and mapping caves.

- Scuba Diver CMAS 1* 1986

- Cave diver since 1992

- Scuba diving instructor - 1996

- Technical diving instructor - 2005

- Cavern & cave diving instructor - 2007

- Instructor in working at height and rescue - 2008

- Course Director SDI - 2019

Training :
Underwater caves explorations :

Cenote Toh, System Ponderosa, Cenote Ts’unu’un, Cenote Liros, Cenote Ché, Cenote Aak tres, Cenote Choy, Cenote Maalob Oolal, Cenote Sac Yayum ...

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